So I need to listen to the music tomorrow for Art 302. The assignment is Beethoven’s Fifth and Sixth Symphonies, and the amount of material to listen to is on the order of two hours. Do I listen to said material whilst I am fully conscious and awake and focused solely on the music alone, or do I/should I listen to the music in Math class on Monday. It’s a big decision. For its college tradition to do Music homework in Math class and Math homework in Music class. However, I’m here at WCC for the goal of acquiring knowledge, and knowledge in a certain set of subjects, through a certain set of means, and in a certain sort of way. Tradition versus goals, it’s a hard question. Of course, I could always listen to Music while working Monday morning, but then it might bother the seniors who are the only other students downtown in the early mornings when I’m downtown.

Unfortunately, I’m not listening to it with an “amica” on Sunday like some, either…



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